May 10, 2021

Safeguarding Commitment Statement

St Neots Taekwon-Do is committed to providing a safe, supportive learning/caring environment for all of our students.

The Club commitment is:

  • To take its role in safeguarding and the protection of children and vulnerable groups and promotion of their welfare very seriously.
  • To ensure all safeguarding matters are investigated following the BTC policy and appropriately reported/referred.

To achieve this, the Club will:

  • Ensure Instructors are fully aware that safeguarding is a key responsibility.
  • Have an appointed Safeguarding Welfare Officer.
  • Support the Welfare Officer without question.
  • Provide mandatory safeguarding training to all club officials irrespective of the person’s role (protection of children and protection of vulnerable groups)

To achieve this, all club officials will:

  • Take the BTC’s policy and commitment to safeguarding very seriously.
  • Contribute to a safe, supportive caring environment for students and colleagues.
  • Attend and complete mandatory safeguarding training as per BTC procedures.
  • Keep up to date records as required.

Parents Carers will:

  • Take the BTC’s policy and commitment to safeguarding very seriously.
  • Never keep concerns about the safety of our students to yourself.
  • Report any concerns to Club Welfare Officer.
  • Abide by Code of Ethics and Conduct. Remember, it’s your child’s welfare Page 37 of 84 BTC Ltd Policies and Procedures Page 48 of 114 March 2018.

If you have any questions regarding safeguarding or have any concerns regarding the safety and welfare of a student, please speak to Mr Paul O’Brien for St Neots TKD who is the Club Welfare Officer. Or contact the UTA safeguarding officer Mrs Rose

Our Safeguarding Policy sets out the responsibilities of all club officials. A copy of the BTC safeguarding policy can be obtained from the Instructor, club administration, on our website or visit the BTC website and download a copy. If you require these documents, please ask for them.

Mr Paul O’Brien 
Paul OBrien Safeguarding Officer